​​​​"Created an open environment that really encouraged us to ask questions and engage in discussion"

"The delivery style is polished, professional, relaxed and humorous"

"The feedback we had from our attendees was excellent"

"A force of nature"

"I would highly recommend for trans-inclusion training."

​​​“Blown away”

​​​“They display unfailing good humour”

​​​​​​“Insightful and knowledgeable”

​Helping Your Business Become Trans* Inclusive​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"They made the trans space less scary to step into"

"The experience was positive from start to finish"

​​​​“Very engaging talk”

Trans* Pride Flag

​​​​“Some wonderful advice in regard to making our workplace trans-inclusive”

​​​​​“Fantastic source of knowledge on all aspects of gender identity”