During the 1990s she retrained in law by studying and passing The Law Society Solicitors Finals Exams, it was during this time that she was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria.   Instead of pursuing a career in legal practice, she joined The College of Law (later “transitioning” from male to female) working in a variety of senior operational positions rising up to Production Director.   Rachel is a member of the Law Society's LGBT Lawyers Division Committee and she also works along side organisations such as The Solicitors Regulation Authority and Aspiring Solicitors.


​​Rachel Reese

​​​​"Being trans and not expressing it, is like The Wizard of Oz, you are the person behind the curtain pulling the levers on another persons life" - Rachel Reese 2015

In 2015, Rachel created Global Butterflies, a consultancy specialising in trans-inclusivity within the workplace.   She has spoken in front of audiences all over the UK and has worked with many large and small businesses in regard to their trans initiatives.

"21st Century LGB, 1995 Trans" - ​Rachel Reese 2014

"Talking honestly about my personal journey will help your business understand the issues that affect trans people" - Rachel Reese 2016

​​​​Rachel also acts as a Consulting Director for DeClute (Toronto) and is an Associate Trainer with Skill Boosters and Inclusive Employers.  She is “out” in regard to her trans history and is happy to discuss trans issues openly in order to help people understand the trans space.

​​Rachel Reese has extensive experience working within manufacturing and legal sectors.  She understands the challenge of running a business in the 21st Century.  Rachel started her career within the defence industry as an avionics software engineer, later moving into Human Resources.