For staff at any level

​​​​​Trans* inclusivity workshop for employees

​​​​​Presentation - Trans 101 - The trans space in 50 minutes​​

Security, reception, switchboard and venue/customer services

e.g. Telephone, face to face and on-line

Trans* inclusivity workshop - Managing trans* employees in other countries

Trans* healthcare package planning

Trans* inclusivity workshop for LGBT networks

Global Butterflies offers a variety of customisable workshops and services:

​Trans* inclusivity workshop - Devising and implementing a trans* inclusion strategy

​​​​​Trans* inclusivity workshop for public and client facing staff

e.g. How to be good and supportive trans* allies

​​​​​Trans* inclusivity workshop for managers and co-employees of a transitioning colleague

e.g. Confidential transition support

Trans* inclusivity workshop - Giving good customer service to the trans* community

​​​​​​Trans* inclusivity workshop for Human Resources

e.g. Keeping them safe

e.g. Ensuring the trans* inclusivity agenda does not get lost

Directors, managers, officers, administrators and recruiters  

For all non client/public facing staff at any level

e.g. Working with your benefits manager and insurers 

Trans* inclusivity workshop for ally networks

Transitioning employee? We can support them and you!

HR Director / Manager one to one sessions

​​​​Our Workshops & Services

​​​​Trans* policy drafting advice and review

e.g. Successful transition management in the workplace